Dell 15.4″ Notebooks: LED Backlights

According to DigiTimes referring to its source The Chinese-language Economic Daily, Dell will introduce 15.4″ notebook PCs with LED backlights at the end of 2007. Forward Electronics, a Taiwan-based integrator, will be putting Dell’s notebook PC together using LED-backlit LCD panels manufactured by Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT). Both Forward Electronics and CPT are subsidiaries of the Tatung Group, as reported by SSL Net.

It is a trend, but a noteworthy one. Apple does something cool and the rest of the industry follows. I do recognize it is a gross exaggeration, but bear with me. Just a couple of weeks ago, Apple introduced an updated version of its 15.4″ MacBook Pro that incorporated a LED backlight instead of the usual CCFL backlight. Although we use the term backlight, on a notebook PC LCD panel, the “backlight” is actually located on the bottom of the panel with a single strip of LEDs or a single CCFL tube. The benefits of a LED backlight versus a CCFL backlight are few, but very important. One is the absence of poisonous materials such as mercury in LEDs. The other is the lower power consumption of LEDs. Mercury is carcinogenic, meaning it causes cancer. With hundreds of millions of LCD panels produced every year for notebook PCs, LCD monitors and LCD TVs, and without proper disposal of these items, it is not surprising to see an increase in mercury levels in us and fish. Lower power consumption means one of two things: you can work for more hours on the same capacity battery OR you can work for the same number of hours on a smaller capacity (less weight) battery. Less important but still a nice feature to have is the slimmer profile of LCD panels with LED backlights.

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