Epistar LED Infringe Philips Lumileds Patent

After the US International Trade Commission (ITC) found that Epistar’s OMA, MB, and GB LED products infringe on Philips Lumileds patents, the ITC issued an exclusion order banning the importation of the aforementioned products into the US on July 12, 2007. According to Philips Lumileds, the ITC found that all of Epistar’s current and next generation AlInGaP infringe Philips Lumileds’ 718 patent.

According to the report, Epistar has been infringing on Philips Lumileds patents for a decade a more and suspects that Epistar will not be able to develop a non-infringing alternative in the short term. This does not bode well for Epistar but there is a simple but costly alternative: licensing the patent from Philips Lumileds.

Source: LIGHTTimes Online

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