Victor Company of Japan, better known as JVC, announced new D-ILA (or Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) imagers that have 4096 x 2400 pixels with a diagonal size of just 1.27″. The company claims the new imager is the world’s smallest (as of June 20, 2007) and is a reduction of JVC’s previous D-ILA imager by 43%. The device generates a contrast ratio of 20,000:1.

JVC’s D-ILA is a vast improvement over the base technology, which is Liquid Crystal on Silicon, or LCoS. Sony is JVC’s biggest competitor with its own improved version of LCoS called SXRD.

A bit of history: In the fall of 2000, JVC developed the first 7.86 megapixel imager (3840 x 2048 pixels) D-ILA device. Then the company developed a 1.7″ 4K2K D-ILA imager with 5,000:1 contrast ratio and incorporated it into its 600″ projector that was installed in the NHK Super High-Vision Theater at EXPO 2005 Aichi in September 2004.

The new 1.27″ D-ILA imager borrows technology from JVC’s DLA-HD1 D-ILA home theater projector that feature a native contrast ratio of 15,000:1 without the use of an iris mechanism, and roughly 10 megapixels. JVC showcased a prototype 1.27″ D-ILA imager at InfoComm 2007.

The 4K2K D-ILA imaging device has a pixel pitch of just 6.8um and a 0.25um gap between pixels that allow a 93% aperture ratio. The 4096 x 2400 pixel format is compatible with the 4K Digital Cinema standard promoted by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI).

We are just starting to get used to 1080p TVs and now there is 4K2K. I am sure the video on a 4K2K display with 4K2K video will simply look amazing. I wonder when we will see a 60″ 4K2K TV prices come down to below where normal folks can purchase.

Source: JVC (PDF)

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