Forhouse Degussa JV Opens PMMA Molding Compound Plant

On July 12, Taiwan-based Forhouse and German-based Degussa AG held an opening ceremony for their joint venture to manufacture optical-grade polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) molding compounds for light guide panels and diffuser films used in backlight units (BLUs). Degussa hols 51% and Forhouse holds the rest. The PMMA plant will have a 40,000-ton annual capacity. Forhouse alone would require 80,000 tons per year requiring the plant to expand in the future. Forhouse has a 2.5 million BLU per month capacity with plants in China and Taiwan. The company’s Xiamen plant located in China has a monthly capacity of 400,000 BLUs.

Source: DigiTimes/Witsview

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