Sony Low Price Strategy in Taiwan

Sony’s KLV-32U300A, a 32″ LCD TV, will hit a NT$29,900 (about US$900) price starting in August according to Sony Taiwan. In comparison, Sony’s KDL-32SL130, also a 32″ LCD TV, is $1149.99 at as of July 16, 2007. Definitely, the models are different, but the $250 difference is fairly significant. More significant is the brand premium that Sony has over other brands. For instance, a Sharp LCC3242U 32″ LCD TV goes for just $799.99. And then there is the Envision L32W698, another 32″ LCD TV, going for just $499.99 at Costco. The Sony is $700 more expensive than the Envision. That’s big. And maybe that’s why Sony is lowering prices. Maybe not. Panasonic’s 32″ LCD TV offering in Taiwan is also NT$29,900, the same as Sony’s KLV-32U300A. LG Electronics (LGE) has its 32″ at an even higher price point at NT$32,900. What is going on? There’s more: Samsung’s 32″? The highest at NT$34,900. I don’t know the relative brand strengths of LG vs. Samsung vs. Sony in Taiwan, but if Sony’s TV is cheaper or even at the same price with similar features, I’d definitely get the Sony.

Source: DigiTimes/Witsview

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