Vizio 52″ LCD TV: US$2,200

According to DigiTimes, Vizio will be introducing a 52″ 1080p LCD TV in North America with a very aggressive price point of $2,200 in August. As with most of Vizio’s LCDs, this 52″ will have a IPS panel from LG.Philips LCD (LPL). The 52″ 1080p Vizio will be available at Costco.

Amtran Technology, a Taiwan-based integrator, builds many Vizio LCD TVs. Amtran is also the second largest shareholder (~24%) of Vizio. Foxconn also builds for Vizio, the company’s 26″ offering. Amtran leaked info that Vizio is planning to introduce a 40″ 1080p LCD TV by year’s end using S-LCD’s PVA panel. S-LCD is a joint venture between Sony and Samsung Electronics.

Is $2,200 for a 52″ 1080p really the best price you can get? Well, for a LCD TV with an IPS panel, yes. If you don’t mind a Sharp brand, have a look at the AQUOS LC-52D62U. This is also a 52″ 1080p LCD TV and goes for about $2,150 using PriceGrabber. If this is the case, I would like to see a much more aggressive price point of around $1,999 for Vizio’s 52″ 1080p offering. Of course, I prefer IPS over ASV (Advanced Super View, based on VA technology).

Update 2008.05.16 10:44PM PST
$2200 might have been big news less than a year ago, but it isn’t any more. Just checking my favorite online store,, shows me that $2200 has dropped to $1500, a decrease of $700 or 32% in just about 9 months!

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