Sony VGP-D24WD1: 24″ LCD Monitor

Bland but simple. Sony and expensive. $1060 expensive, according to Akihabara via Engadget. You can get the Samsung SyncMaster 245BW 24″ LCD monitor for about half that price at or opt for Dell’s 27″ offering for about the same price. So what’s so special about Sony’s VGP-D24WD1? The 1000:1 contrast ratio, 1920 x 1200 pixel format, 400 cd/m2 brightness, 6ms response time and two HDCP-DVI ports are all fairly within the realm of normal. You could say that having two HDCP-DVI ports is somewhat special, but still they’re DVI, not HDMI or DisplayPort. In my opinion, the only thing special about Sony’s really expensive 24″ LCD monitor is the 92% NTSC color gamut that is the result of wide color gamut CCFLs (WCG-CCFLs). The only problem of having a wide color gamut is that it messes up folks (for a few minutes) that work extensively with color: the color on the screen versus what you expect to get via printer will look a little different than before, but in a good way since whatever is displayed on the monitor will actually look a bit closer to what you’ll get printed out. I’m not one of those folks that work extensively with color and this is purely “theoretically speaking”. Although I am a fan of Sony’s industrial design, sometimes I wonder whether the premium price is worth it: in this case double the price of a very good Samsung? I try to maximize bang for my hard-earned buck, and this one makes me pause.

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