United Business: 15.4″ LCD

The international United Business cabins will have upgraded seats that include a 15.4″ LCD, a USB port, and an iPod adapter. The iPod adapter allows the lucky business-class traveler to not only charge his/her iPod but also access both music and video. The seat can recline flat (180-degrees) and allow for folks that are up 6′ 4″ tall. This would do wonders for my back. Maybe I can get enough mileage points for an upgrade later this year! I think I may have to pull some strings. The upgrades are expected to be installed in United Business class cabins this fall. United’s entire international fleet of 97 wide-body B767, B747 and B777 aircrafts will have the upgraded cabins by late 2009. This is definitely a good start. But I would rather United and others go toward a relaxing atmosphere rather than a mobile high-tech office. Boss all around the world might expect you to be 100% productive on United upgraded Business class cabins! I assume the iPod adaptor will work for the iPhone. This was a good move by Apple: not changing the connector. I hope all other CE device manufacturers learn from Apple’s iPod-iPhone example. I am not sure what to expect, but I think it will be interesting to see how stewardesses on my travel to South Korea will respond when I tell them that the iPhone is in “Airplane Mode” and that it’s okay for me to use it because the cellular radio (voice & data) as well as the WiFi connections are disabled. Do you think they will buy that?
Source: United via Engadget

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