Asahi Glass Fine Techno Taiwan (AFT): Some Information

DigiTimes posted an informative Q&A session with AFT’s chairman and president, Tetsuji Kakimoto. Kakimoto-san revealed a lot of information that I will succinctly summarize below:

Glass Capacity, Plans, Locations
-AFT can supply G10 glass out of Taiwan.
-Large plants: 4 in Taiwan, 3 in Osaka, Japan, 1 in Korea.
-Large plant capacity: 5 million m2 (5-6x Corning‘s plant capacity)
-Small plants: 3 in Yokohama, Japan.
-Backend process lines: 2 G4, 4 G5 (all in Taiwan), 2 G6 (Korea), 1 G7 (Korea), 1 G8 (Japan).
-Taiwan has most complete backend production facility for Asahi.
-Taiwan plants: 4 located in Yunlin Base of the Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP). 3 of 4 are in volume production. #4 will enter volume production in Q4’07. Plants #1-#2 offer glass substrates with widths of 4.2-4.5m; plants #3-#4 up to 5m in width. #5 in planning stages and location to be either outside of the Yunlin base in Taiwan or Korea and will be decided by the Asahi Group in Japan.
-Plans for new PDP glass plant in Korea.
-No plans for China-based glass furnace.

Financial Investments
-Large furnace investments: NT$5 billion
-Backend line: NT$3 billion
-Total Taiwan investments: NT$50 billion.

-30% of worldwide glass substrate market (includes PDP)
-Environment friendly glasses, free of heavy metals, including arsenic.

Source: DigiTimes via Witsview

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