Philips 32PFL9632D: 32″ LCD TV

Philips 32PFL9632D

Size: 32″ 16:9
Pixel Format: 1366 x 768
Frequency: 100Hz ClearLCD (double the typical 50Hz for European markets)
LCD Response Time: 3ms
LCD Brightness: 550 cd/m2
Availability: Europe
Tuner: DVB-T
Unique Technology: Ambilight, Perfect Pixel HD Engine
Ports: USB (photo slideshows), HDMI (3)
Speakers: Built-in (4)
Price: £999 ($1,977)

The Philips 32PFL9632D looks simple and elegant. The piano-black border is surrounded by yet another border with small holes, probably for audio to come out from. There are four speakers, two more than usual. The 100Hz, which is double the frequency of European standards, will definitely aid in greatly reducing motion blur. I have changed the format of my postings to show quick stats at the top and my personal opinion on the bottom and a picture in the middle, if available. Hopefully this format will allow for faster and easier reading. Thanks to my brother, Don! Overall, I like the design and the LCD technology should provide good performance. The downside is the slightly high price of almost $2000. It is a downside considering brands such as Vizio is offering 42″ LCD TVs for half as much.

Source: Messe Berlin via Engadget

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