Samsung SPD-42S5HD, SPD-42S5HDM, SPD-42P5HD, SPD-42P5HDM: 42″ PDP TVs with Problems

Samsung’s SPD-42S5HD, SPD-42S5HDM, SPD-42P5HD, SPD-42P5HDM PDP TVs are having problems where black/blue lines are covering portion or all of the PDP TVs.

AVING is reporting out of Seoul, South Korea that some Samsung 42″ PDP TV models are breaking down already, only after 2 years of service. One of the main problems that users have reported is the existence of black or blue lines that cover parts, half, or the entire screen and making the PDP TVs useless. Based on the report, there are more than 600 cases inolving the four models mentioned in the title sold between 2005 and 2006. On June 21, 2007, the Korea Consumer Agency officially requested Samsung to recall the four models and repair them at no cost to the consumers. The Korea Consumer Agency is a government organization that was established to protect consumer rights and interests. One interesting thing about Korea is that once you purchase a consumer electronics good there is almost no way you can return it. The problem has not been diagnosed according to AVING’s report. The Korean Consumer Agency is negotiating with Samsung to extend the warranty period to two years for the four failing models. This comes at a time when PDP TVs have been under great competitive threat from LCD TVs.

Source: AVING

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