Sharp Prototype LCD TV: Superior

Sharp shared its vision of the future by showcasing a prototype LCD TV that is superior to current ones. Listed are some unique characteristics:

Size: 52″ LCD TV
Thickness: 20mm-29mm
Contrast Ratio: 100,000:1
Power Consumption: 140kWh/year (based on 4.5 hours of daily viewing)
Color Gamut: 150% NTSC
Weight: 25kg

This prototype is very thin for a 52″ LCD TV. Sharp’s current model, LC-52D62U, has a depth of 5″ or 127mm. Contrast 127mm with just 29mm and we’re talking about really thin: about 1/4 – 1/5 the thickness. The contrast ratio is impressive at 100,000:1, but these numbers can be generated with area-focused luminance control (AFLC) or local dimming. AFLC can reduce the light generated from the backlight in dark areas and keep high light output for bright areas resulting in greatly increased contrast ratios. The improved color gamut of 150% NTSC is likely the result of LED backlights but until there are 150% NTSC content, the improve color gamut will likely generate over-saturated images. The LC-52D62U has a weight of 82.7lbs, compared to the prototypes 25kg (or 55lbs): quite a bit lighter, which will be nice if you plan on moving around your 52″ LCD TV. Most likely, lighter models will be a huge cost saver for Sharp due to lower transportation costs. Overall impressive, but nothing revolutionary. The only characteristic of the prototype that I can’t really comment on is the power consumption. What does a typical 52″ LCD TV consume per year based on 4.5 hours of daily viewing?

Source: Sharp

Update 2007.08.31
Engadget has some live shots of the 52″ LCD TV prototype from Sharp and it does seem to be quite thin. I think content is being delivered wirelessly, but that’s just my opinion. Have a look!

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