Sharp in Moscow

Sharp established a sales unit in Moscow, Russia. Previously, the German-based sales unit was responsible for sales in Russia. Russia’s LCD TV is growing quickly and Sharp wants to improve the sales of its AQUOS line of LCD TVs that are manufactured in the company’s new TV plant in Poland. The AQUOS line geared for the Russian market will include 46″, 57″ and others. Sharp has a goal of selling substantially more than 1.4 million LCD TVs that it posted in 2006 in Europe.

There is definitely a first-mover advantage when it comes to establishing a brand. Sony has been the brand to beat in the US for a while and with massive investments in product quality, design, competitive pricing and marketing, Samsung has challenged and won against Sony in recent years. It took Samsung a lot of resources to accomplish this task. Sharp has not been so lucky in the US. Recently in the news were reports that suggested lower pricing power by Sharp compared to Samsung and Sony where consumers were willing to pay hundreds more for similarly equipped LCD TVs compared to Sharp. With Sharp moving aggressively into Russia, the Russian consumers might have a different brand preference developing over the next few years. However, I would bet Sony, Samsung and especially Philips will have something up their sleeves to combat Sharp in Russia.

Source: The Japan Times

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