Philips AUREA 42PFL9900D: 42″ 1080p Ambilight Spectra LCD TV

Philips AUREA 42PFL9900D

Size: 42″
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080
Engine: Perfect Pixel HD
Frequency: 100Hz Clear LCD
Response Time: 3ms
Brightness: 550 cd/mw
Contrast Ratio: 1200:1, 8000:1 dynamic
Viewing Angle: 176/176
Colors: 4 trillion
Input: HDMI (3)
Speakers: 2 sets of 12 microdrivers, 2 integrated subwoofers
Other Technology: HD Natural Motion (motion blur free 1080p), Ambilight Spectra, Active Frame (126 LEDs in frame)

Philips is well known for its Ambilight technology that expands color from the video you are watching to outside of the TV. The added visual experience becomes quite obvious when Ambilight is turned off. The new AUREA series from Philips advances Ambilight called Ambilight Spectra and to it Active Frame and a sensorial halo is added. The Active Frame generates a soft kaleidoscope of colors similar to what you are watching and enhances the immersion effect. Philips uses 126 LEDs around the frame to generate the light.

Other notable features include 100Hz double frequency that substantially reduces motion blur. A version geared for the US will require 120Hz. Philips’ Perfect Pixel HD is a technology that processes each pixel “to better match the surrounding pixels”: an artifact and noise smoothing algorithm.

The 4 trillion color statistic is most likely a color processing number resulting from a 14-bit processing method. As far as I know there is no mass manufactured LCD panel that has 14-bit sub-pixels. Currently, at the LCD panel level, most sub-pixels have 8-bit grayscale levels generating 16.78 million colors while the most advanced versions have moved to 10-bit with a 1.07 billion color capability.

Source: Philips, Aurea Leaflet (PDF), More Pictures from IFA

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