Panasonic China: Stops CRT TV Production

Panasonic has 5 TV production bases globally with one located in Shandong, China as part of Panasonic China. Panasonic has made the decision to stop production of CRT TVs and only focus on LCD TV production. There was no mention about whether Panasonic will continue to manufacture rear-projection TVs at the plant.

There is much that I do not know and it surprises me less and less as I find out that behind most of the best brands is a Chinese manufacturing plant. Not all is bad. Most of Apple’s goods are made in China. Even the iPhone is. As far as I can tell, the iPhone’s quality is up there: not perfect, but up there. So there are exceptions where Made in China means quality. But for most products, Made in China simply means cheap and low quality. I do hope that Panasonic-branded CRT TVs were of the iPhone kind. On a another note, too bad that such a good technology (CRT) is becoming extinct. As far as many are concerned, CRT technology is still the best for TV viewing. However, CRTs are disappearing for good reason: a very large and negative environmental impact and it probably messed up many backs of those who had to deliver the behemoth TVs weighing 200lbs or more.

Source: DigiTimes via Witsview

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