Qisda and Daewoo to Make Small Medium LG TVs

Qisda, formerlly BenQ, and Daewoo Electronics will be building small/medium LCD TVs for LG Electronics. These LGE LCD TVs will be geared for the European market. Qisda will manufacture the smaller sizes (15″, 20″, 26″) while Daewoo will focus on 32″. LGE also has much larger TVs (37″+) but will manufacture them in-house. Qisda operates a LCD TV plant in the Czech Republic and will begin modularizing LCDs for AU Optronics in Q4’07. AUO is part of the BenQ Group.

China is a manufacturing power house, no doubt. But there are continued questions about quality about the products that the country manufactures. Some examples are: Using lead paint for toys geared for children and automobile tires that have exploded and killed are just two recent examples. BenQ manufactures most of its goods in China. So, would I purchase a 26″ LCD TV manufactured by BenQ, or Qisda? Probably not. I strive to maximize the value of my money, but not at the expense of health concerns or other hazards unforeseen. I would not even consider a Daewoo-made 32″. Korean manufacturing is quite a bit better, in general, than Chinese, but I wouldn’t put my dollars on Daewoo to make high-quality goods. Samsung and LG would be the only Korean manufacturers I would trust, and carefully at that.

Source: DigiTimes via Witsview

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