Luminoz: Rear Projection Depth Just 12cm

Luminoz Inc. manufactures projection screens and developed a screen that reduces a rear projection TV’s depth to just 12cm. The company is targeting commercialization in 2008 and currently is collaborating with Japanese companies. Luminoz’s screen requires no large mirror, a required element in today’s rear projection TVs. Also today’s screens put a lenticular and Fresnel lens together while the company’s can be made with just a single sheet that integrates three layers: curve lens, black block layer, diffusion layer. The curve lens replaces the mirror and Fresnel lens. The black block layer is the black stripe replacement while the diffusion layer knocks out the lenticular lens. The black contrast ratio is increased from 70% to 90%.

This is good news. I have been waiting for rear projection TVs to get a bit thinner. I don’t need it too thin since I want to put my DVD player and other devices on top of it. If the TV is too thin, then you’ll need to get a thicker cabinet that costs money, requires setup, etc.

Source: Tech On

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