Hitachi: Hybrid LCD Display

Hitachi LCD + LCD Projector Hybrid Prototype Display

Size: 47″
Contrast Ratio: 8,000,000:1
Projection Depth: 30cm (11.8″)
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1080 (VA-type LCD), 1280 x 720 (LCD rear projection)
Brightness: 700 cd/m2

This is probably the first display that combines a regular LCD display and LCD projection technology. That alone is very unique. On top of that Hitachi is claiming a 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio which is quite nice, but someone surreal. What does all that contrast ratio mean, especially when you are talking about numbers in the millions? Great picture, I guess.

Hitachi has stated that this marvel of a display has not been scheduled for volume production but can be commercialized quickly if there is demand. Tell me the price and I’m sure we can find out how much demand there can be.

Depth is an issue, to some extent, when talking about rear projection TVs. This Hitachi hybrid, using a short focal-length projector can have a depth of just 30cm or 11.8″. I mentioned “to some extent” because I actually like a bit of depth. With a LCD or PDP TV, you get a thin display, but unless you’re going to hang it on the wall, the thinness is all but wasted. Why? You’ll need to put that thin display on a… something, a something that is most likely much deeper than the display. You do this to put other stuff you need such as your Tivo, DVD player, PlayStation 3, Slingbox, cable box, Apple TV, etc. With a nice and thick rear projection TV, I can just put it on top, and away from the kids.

By using this same technology, Hitachi also developed what it calls a depth-fused 3D (DFD) display in collaboration with NTT IT’s Cyber Space Laboratories. DFD enables 3D by layering two images with differing brightness and has less strain on the eyes than competing 3D technologies such as using parallax barriers.

Source: TechOn

Update 2007.10.02

Engadget is reporting that Hitachi is showcasing its hybrid LCD display at FPD International in Japan. You can look at some of the pictures they have hosted. The pictures (from Harry Potter, I do not know which one) do not show very well the superb contrast ratio but even with a great digital picture our own displays would be the limiting factor.

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