Sharp Scanning LCD

Sharp Scanning LCD

Size: 3.5″
Pixel Format: 320 x 480
Special Feature: Light sensor embedded in pixel

More pictures (bigger images) at Engadget

Engadget is reporting that Sharp is showcasing a LCD that scans. The screen size and pixel format is the same as the one that is in Apple’s iPhone. The reason I mention that is because I can easily imagine the size of the device for this creative technology and… If my iPhone had a scanning function for business cards, that would be quite nice. Just imagine if I could scan a business card and “boom!” the contact information is stored on the iPhone’s contact list (and picture if you can manage to take a picture without embarrassing the other person). That would be cool.

Now how did Sharp do this? The concept is simple but probably very difficult to manufacture: a light sensor is built into each pixel that can scan what is on the surface of the display. In effect, it can be thought of as a 3.5″ image sensor but without the density of those you typically see in a normal digital camera. Another major difference is that one is based on thin-film transistors and the other is a semiconductor chip. Since light can be detected, the absence of light due to a finger can also be detected giving this LCD touch sensing features as well. If Sharp can increase the number of pixels to about 1280 x 720, we’re talking about a HD-capable digital camera/scanner and a HD TV all in a device the size of an iPhone. Of course, I’m dreaming here.

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