Samsung 245T: 24″ LCD Monitor

Samsung 245T

Size: 24″ Wide
Pixel Format: 1920 x 1200
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 6ms
Inputs: HDMI+HDCP, S-Video, 4-port USB Hub
Features: PiP (Picture in Picture), PbP (Picture by Picture, MPA (Motion Picture Acceleration), Pivot
Price: W1.02M, ~€787, US$1113

More pictures at Akihabara.

So, is Samsung’s new 245T a monitor or a TV? I ask because it is slightly confusing. You see, the 245T has a HDMI connection. There are other LCD monitors that have HDMI connections and this question applies to those too. Where is the line between monitor and TV? Well, the 245T does not have a TV tuner. Maybe that’s the answer. Although, with the advent of cable, satellite TV, IPTV, Apple TV, etc. there really isn’t much reason why a TV must have a tuner built-in, unless you like watching TV for free, like I do. But, at the least, Samsung’s 245T blurs the line between monitor and TV. I can see myself using the 245T has a 1080p personal TV attached to a 1080p HD-source like a PlayStation 3. Other specifications underwhelm, especially the 6ms response time. I hope the Motion Picture Acceleration (maybe 120Hz?) compensates for the slow response time, I’m sure it will. It can be a bit brighter since Samsung is thinking that users might use it as a TV. The price is quite high at over $1000. And I think that puts the 245T in the category of no-deal. Samsung’s own 244T (a close sibling to the 245T) is just $680 at Dell.

Source: My Digital Life, Akihabara

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