Samsung SGH-F300: Beyonce’s B Phone

Samsung B Phone

LCD Size: 2.1″
LCD Pixel Format: 176 x 220
Baseband Voice: GSM
Baseband Data: GPRS, EDGE
Camera: 2mp
Wireless: Bluetooth 2.0
Wired: USB 2.0
Memory: microSD expansion slot up to 2GB
Features: FM Radio
Measures 4.1 by 1.7 by 0.37 inches
Price: $400
Availability: March 2007 in the US

Samsung reportedly slightly modified the SGH-F300 mobile phone to be more “Beyoncé Like”. I am not sure exactly what was done to the phone to make it more like Beyonce, but if you’re interested in pictures of Beyonce and the B Phone together for a better comparison, hop on over to Akihabara News. Of the many characteristics of Beyonce that make her so popular is her pretty face and well-endowed body (and of course her music-related talents). However, there aren’t any curves to the B Phone, at all. Maybe it’s more in the UI or the included music?

Source: Akihabara News, InfoSync, anythingbutipod

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