Hitachi WOOO UT42-HHV700, UT37-HV700, UT32-HV700

Hitachi WOOO Series LCD TVs


  • 32″: UT32-HV700, 720p
  • 37″: UT37-HV700, 1080p
  • 42″: UT42-HHV700, 1080p

Frequency: 120Hz
Input: HDMI

The most special feature of these three models is the thickness: a mere 35mm thick. For those who are more versed in inches, that is less than 1″ thick (0.9887″ to be exact). The UT42 and UT37 uses the company’s Twice Velocity Panel that doubles the frequency to 120Hz, which should substantially reduce motion blur for when you’re watching sports. Hitachi decided to use an external box for external connections like HDMI. These thin WOOO LCD TVs will be available in early 2008. I couldn’t find a decent picture to show off the LCD TV as a whole while focusing on the the thinness of them, but a ton of pictures are available at Akihabara News. By looking at the models carrying these WOOO LCD TVs, the TVs must not be too heavy at all.

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