Sony Discontinues Rear-Projection TV

On December 27, Sony announced that it will discontinue manufacturing rear-projection TVs (RPTVs) and instead focus on flat panel display (FPD) TVs. A couple of months ago, in October, Sony lowered its forecast for its RPTVs from 700K down to 400K. Compared to that, Sony is expecting to sell 10 million LCD TVs this fiscal year ending March 2008. That is 3.7 million more LCD TVs that the company sold in the previous year. I recently wrote about why my next TV will be a Sony 55″ SXRD RPTV. This new development has a positive and a negative impact on my purchase decision. First the negative: It will be most difficult to get customer service once Sony is completely out of the RPTV business. But besides replacing the UHP bulb, I hope the SXRD RPTV will last a strong decade. The positive is that Sony and all of the retailers carrying Sony’s SXRD RPTVs will be blowing them out. That means really great prices. My goal is to get a sub-$1000 55″ 3-chip SXRD RPTV. Let’s see if that happens in the next couple of months. It is a shame that Sony is discontinuing such a great technology because consumers are so enamored with the cool factor of thin. I’d rather have thick and better picture quality.

Source: New York Times

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