Sharp to Supply LCDs to Syntax-Brillian

Syntax-Brillian and Sharp signed an LCD panel supply agreement where Sharp will guarantees a minimum of 700,000 LCD panels in 2008 for 32″, 37″, 52″ and 65″ LCDs, with an option to purchase additional LCD panels. Also, Syntax-Brillian and Kolin have exclusive rights to purchase Sharp’s 65″ 120Hz LCD panels through September 2008.

So now Syntax-Brillian has two major suppliers: LG.Philips LCD (LPL) and Sharp. It will be interesting to see which LCD panels go into which LCD TV sets as the two companies manufacture brilliant LCDs but with some differences. LPL is known for its Super IPS (S-IPS) panels while Sharp is known for its Advanced Super View (ASV), a technology based on VA. For those who want dead-on superior contrast ratio, ASV is the way to go. For more color uniformity at angles, S-IPS is known to be better. We will see.

Source: Syntax-Brillian via DigiTimes

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