Sony mylo COM-2

Sony mylo COM-2

Display Size: 3.5″
Pixel Format: 800 x 480
Wireless: 802.11b/g
Camera: 1.3MP
Video Support: MPEG4 SP/ASP, AVC Baseline (up to QVGA 30fps, 384/768 kbps)
Keyboard: Backlit
Availability: Now, ship date 2008.01.28
Price: $299

Sony Mylo Com 2

Sony has updated its mylo Personal Communicator to COM-2. The device has many merits. It looks better, the keyboard is backlit (now you can use it in the dark), and the LCD got a lot bigger with a lot more pixels to look at.

One of the best features of the mylo (previous generation included), in my opinion, is Skype via WiFi. Wherever you have a WiFi connection, you can make free phone calls to other Skype users and for a very cheap price make calls to anyone. I have a Skype Pro account that lets me call anyone anywhere for a very reasonable price, from my Skype phone and my computer. This might not be such a big deal to many, but for me, it is. I have an iPhone but I cannot communicate via voice when I travel to Korea. That’s because Korea does not have a GSM network. And even if it did, since I kept my iPhone locked, the existence of a GSM network would just mean extremely high-priced phone calls allowed by AT&T. With something like a mylo, that limitation no longer applies as long as I can find WiFi hotspots there. Speaking of WiFi hotspots, you get free access to Wayport hotspots (McDonald’s, IHOP, Hertz, some hotels, etc.) until the end of 2009, which I think is a great deal.

Another cool feature is the 1.3 megapixel camera, which should be adequate enough for taking quick snaps. I believe the original mylo did not have a camera. In terms of the display, the COM-2 has got it right. It is a 3.5″ TFT LCD that has a pixel format of 800 x 480! This is much higher density than the iPhone, which is limited to 480 x 320 pixels with the same size, 3.5″. Nokia’s N810 Internet Tablet also has a pixel format of 800 x 480 but with a larger sized LCD at 4.13″. I expect browsing the Internet will be quite a bit improved from the original 320 x 240 screen. I’m looking forward to actually playing around with the mylo COM-2 at my local Fry’s Electronics soon.

Source: Sony via Engadget

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