Asus E-TV: 42″ LCD TV with Built-in Linux PC

Not much is known about the E-TV other than that it will sport a 42″ LCD screen with an integrated Linux-based PC. The E-TV is due in September 2008. The E-TV is an extension of Asustek Computer’s fairly successful Eee PC. The Eee PC is a fairly affordable 7″ notebook PC that allows for simple communications and cloud computing. Pricing is not known but compared to regular 42″ LCD TVs the E-TV will require a premium of just $200, tops.

In my opinion, any non-detachable PC on a TV is doomed to fail. The PC and the TV develop at very different paces. The top-of-the-line PC today becomes mainstream in about one year. On the other hand, the creme de la creme TV of today can last for a lot longer, often 5 years or more. Of course, when there is a complete technology transition such as from CRT to LCD, high-end TVs can become next to worthless rather quickly. And this is what is happening now.

What I would have liked to see instead is a E-TV that connects to and works well with the Eee PC, offering a basic but very large display for the Eee PC that allows for cloud computing and TV watching. Simple and affordable.

Source: Xbit Laboratories, Gadgetell, Ubergizmo

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