Explay oio Companion: Laser & LED Nano-Projector

During SID 2007, I was given a demonstration of Explay‘s oio, a laser & LED-based hybrid nano-projector. The picture quality was surprisingly good despite being generated from a projector the size of a deck of cards. Engadget just posted a blog stating that Explay’s oio Companion will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress that will be held next week, Feb. 11 through 14, in Barcelona.


The laser & LED hybrid structure allows the picture to be in focus all the time. I am quite certain the prototype that I saw last year was battery powered and it should be since the oio Companion will be used mostly in on-the-go and mobile office situations. Those who are in sales that need to make frequent presentations and often in not-so-large meeting rooms would find something like Explay’s oio Companion a lifesaver. In addition to having a diminuative size and being lightweight, the nano-projector allows the business traveler to forgo larger notebook PCs and simply carry the smallest and lightest (with a usable keyboard).

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