NEC and Magnetic Media: 52″ 3D LCD

NEC Display Solutions of America and Magnetic Media is working together to provide 3D display solutions for advertising applications. Magnetic Media will incorporate its Enabl3D technology on a standard NEC 57″ LCD to enable 3D video content. According to Magnetic Media, the viewer does not require any special glasses to view 3D that can pop out about a foot from the screen. 2D content can also be viewed but with a slight loss of resolution.


There have been many 3D display prototypes in the past several years with none that have garnered widespread attention. At this point, the general consumer has no need of 3D. But with the advent of 3D-enabled movie theaters offering a great experience (and some would say better than the 2D experience), I think the movie goers among us would want a similar experience at home. In my opinion, we are approaching an inflection point where the general public will begin purchasing gadgets and technology to experience 3D.

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