Eastman Kodak Licenses AMOLED IPs to LG Display

On March 14, Eastman Kodak Company announced an intellectual property cross-licensing agreement with LG Display (LGD). The royalty bearing license enables LGD to use Kodak technology that improves yields for active matrix OLEDs (AMOLEDs). The agreement also enables LGD to purchase Kodak’s OLED materials for use in manufacturing displays.

According to Andrew Sculley, General Manager and Vice President, Kodak’s Display Business, “AMOLED technology offers superior product performance, and ultimately low-cost manufacturing advantages.” Focus on the word ‘ultimately’. It will take quite some time for AMOLED technology to be price competitive to plasma or LCD in the areas of notebook PCs, LCD monitors, and LCD TVs. As a quick comparison, Sony’s 11″ OLED TV currently costs about $2500. For $2500, a top-of-the-line 46″ LCD TV can be bought with all of the bells and whistles (with a little left over to get yourself an affordable Blu-ray player and a couple of movies!). It will take about another 5 years for AMOLED to get to mass manufacturing 20″+ OLED TVs.

In the announcement, Kodak mentions KAGA Electronics of Japan and its plans to introduce a portable 1-Seg TV featuring a 3.0″ color OLED display. The miniscule OLED TV uses Kodak’s Global Mura Compensation AMOLED technology improves overall yields improvement. The KODAK ELITE VISION AMOLED 1-Seg TV was co-developed by Kodak, LGD, KAGA Electronics and Andes Electronics and will be available in Japan by the end of March 2008.

Source: BusinessWire

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