LG Display Debut 12″ and 14.3″ Flexible Displays

ShanghaiDaily.com: During the FPD China 2008 flat panel display show, LG Display debuted its 12″ black-and-white and 14.3″ color flexible display products. LGD is expected to volume manufacture these flexible displays later in 2008. The flexible displays make use of an ultra-thin steel foil on a plastic substrate that allows them to be flexible.

According to the company, LGD is currently in talks with a US-based firm to integrate the 14.3″ color display into an ebook reader. Like the displays in Sony’s ebook reader and Amazon’s Kindle, the flexible displays are easy to read text off of. LGD stated that it has a wide viewing angle, but I’m not sure if you want to read your ebook off axis. Maybe some do, but I don’t read normal books that way and don’t see a reason why I would want to do that with an ebook. Of course, low power consumption is part of the equation since these displays make use of bi-stable technology that consumes no power when the display is not being updated.

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