ING Direct Cafe Concept

For a bank, ING Direct is “thinking different”. The largest direct bank in the US has developed a Cafe concept. The Cafe concept allows customers to conduct banking transactions, meet friends and drink a cup of coffee surrounded by LCDs and plasma displays. ING Direct is working with Rise Vision to install digital signage solutions at its new Cafe concept in Chicago. Rise Vision provides software, the systems and  Internet content management for the Chicago Cafe. The Chicago Cafe feature a video wall of seven LCDs that are used for informing and advertising to potential  customers who walks by (maybe even drives by). Using Matrox QID cards, the video wall can be configured to show all the same content or content that is synchronized across the seven LCD displays. Inside the Chicago Cafe, plasma displays are mounted and are connected to interactive LCDs where customers can interact with tutorials on products and services provided by ING Direct.


Folks that enjoy the Starbucks experience might enjoy ING Direct’s Cafes. One reviewer on Yelp stated the food is better than Starbucks. The Internet connections are free, which is quite a bit something more than what Starbucks offers. I am an AT&T U-verse subscriber so hopefully I will be able to enjoy free WiFi at Starbucks soon, or can I already? I hope ING Direct builds out its Cafe concept in the SF Bay Area soon so I can bank, drink coffee, eat decent food, meet friends, and surf.


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