Samsung 2263DX: Dual Display 22″ and 7″ LCD Monitor

Samsung 2263DX

Size: 22″ and 7″
Pixel Format: 1680 x 1080 for 22″, 800 x 480 for 7″
Brightness: 300 cd/m2 for 22″, 200 cd/m2 for 7″
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 for 22″, 400:1 for 7″
Response Time: 5ms for 22″, 30ms for 7″
Viewing Angle: 170/160 for 22″, 140/140 for 7″
Input: Analog RGB, DVI, HDMI. USB (UbiSync) for 7″
Other: 3.0MP webcam

The Samsung 2263DX is an interesting concept! The rather normal 22″ LCD monitor is tagged along by an additional 7″ LCD monitor that has a decent pixel format of 800 x 480. You can use the 7″ LCD for anything you’d like such as email notification, video conferencing, instant messaging, etc. The 7″ can be located on the left, right or top and is connected via a UbiSync USB connection. Kudos to Samsung for adding a little something extra. Will the additional display improve productivity? We’ll see. Maybe it might be used for improved gameplay instead! For instance, if game developers used the extra screen for GPS, status information for engine, robot, self, etc., that might actually improve gameplay. Of course, you’d want to improve the main monitor first since it’s really not high-performance.

Source: Samsung

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