Panasonic’s Secret Weapon: Thin, Lightweight, Low-voltage Compact Plasma Display

Update 2008.04.04
Engadget is reporting the press release by AbleComm regarding Panasonic’s compact plasma display was completely false, unfortunately. Copied here is PRNewswire’s retraction.

PRNewswire — April 3, 2008
We are advised by AbleComm, Inc. that journalists and other readers should disregard the news release, Panasonic To Put Plasma Video Displays in Cell Phones, issued earlier today over PR Newswire, as the entire news release is completely false.

Original Post Regarding the Fake Press Release

On April 3, 2008, Panasonic revealed an industry changing announcement about a 10-year secret development work on a thin, lightweight, low-voltage, compact plasma display. The plasma display can be integrated into mobile phones and other small devices that up until now have been almost exclusively served by LCD technology. Mark Balsama returned from retirement after working for Panasonic for nearly 35 years and announced the result of Panasonic’s secret project that has been on-going for the last 10 years. Panasonic reached a licensing agreement for some key technology with AbleComm, Inc. Panasonic will incorporate miniature plasma displays into both consumer and business telephone products starting this fall. The plasma displays are expected to rival OLED displays for brightness, contrast and thinness, and can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of OLED. AbleComm developed a family of high-efficiency headsets for use with Panasonic business phones several years ago. A proprietary component that was used in those headsets was exactly what Panasonic needed to complete the 10-year project to develop low-voltage miniaturized plasma displays.

The small plasma displays will run on just 1.5 volts and will not require any
additional wiring or special power supplies. Expect plasma displays to be incorporated into mobile phones, business phones, consumer phones, corded phones, cordless phones, door intercom monitors and fax machines.

The LCD industry has been hit with a major uppercut and it will be exciting to see what will come of this development by Panasonic. It is energizing to bear witness to such an incredible development in the display industry. I am sure you can tell that I’m very excited. There are many possible applications for a low-power miniature plasma display but I especially look forward to high-end mobile phones and ultra-portable computing devices sporting plasma displays. Who knows, maybe we’ll see iPods with plasma displays in the near future!

Source: PR Newswire, Engadget

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