NTT DoCoMo N702is: Physics and Electronics

This is old news, but still quite fascinating. Back in 2006 around August, NTT Docomo started selling its N702is mobile phone. The mobile phone has a motion sensor, or in Apple‘s nomenclature, an accelerometer. The unique part about the N702is is a particular screensaver that displays water. The water’s movement are based on real physics and mimics how water would react to gravitational forces in real life: when the mobile phone is tilted, the accelerometer detects the angle and the surface of the water responds as if real. In addition, the water level indicates the battery level of the mobile phone.

This concept was designed by Oki Sato of Nendo and done in Flash. This idea and implementation may sound trivial, but the fact that the marriage of real life physics on a mobile phone display has not been accomplished before shows how original an idea this is. The iPhone, in addition to a 3-axis accelerometer, is also touch capable.

With that added capacity, you can imagine maybe a jello-like physics applied to an application where you touch a part of the screen and the image depresses and reacts like a real jello; flip the screen upside down and the jello falls like a real jello, wiggles and jiggles and all.

Source: SEED (April 2008, printed version), SlashPhone

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