Cal-Comp to Use Qualcomm’s mirasol Display for Mobile Phones

On April 1, 2008, during the CTIA Wireless conference that was held in Las Vegas, Qualcomm MEMS Technologies (QMT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm announced that Cal-Comp Electronics and Communications, a subsidiary of Taiwan’s Kinpo Electronics Group, has chosen Qualcomm’s mirasol displays for its latest mobile phones targeted for emerging markets. Cal-Comp Electronics and Communications is part of the Kinpo Group, a group that is comprised of 22 subsidiary business. Cal-Comp, a provider of EMS and ODM services, was established in 1989 and employes over 13,000 employees in operations throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. The company focuses on entry-level mobile phone product for global markets.

According to Peter Pan, VP, Wireless and Telecommunications BU of Cal-Comp Electronics, consumers in emerging markets will use mobile phones as the primary means of communication and require the devices to last a long time. I would think that this is the case for business folks who are required to travel in developed countries as well. Typically the display on a mobile phone consumes the most battery and the most effective way to improve longevity of mobile phones is to reduce the power consumption of the displays. That’s where QMT’s mirasol display comes in: it consumes very little power. In addition, because it is a reflective design, it excels in bright environments such as a sunny day. Most backlit mobile phones are extremely difficult to see in direct sunlight and when the mobile phone is used in emerging markets where many consumers main mode of transportation is walking and public transportation, the ability to view information from the mobile phone’s display is very important.

Source: Qualcomm QMT Virtual Press Office (Registration Required)

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