Meyda Lighting Stanley Chandelier: World’s Largest LED Chandelier

Meyda Lighting, a Meyda Tiffany company and manufacturer of decorative lighting, illuminated the world’s largest LED-based free-hanging chandelier on April 2, 2008 at 6PM at the Stanley Center for the Arts in Utica, New York. It took Meyda Lighting nearly one year of planning and production in its manufacturing facilities located in Yorkville, N.Y.

The Stanley Chandelier is illuminated with 328 Phillips Lumileds Luxeon LEDs. The Lumileds Luxeon LEDs are the same ones used in the New Year’s Eve Ball-Drop in Times Square. The illumination of the fixture uses 1,120 total watts instead of conventional incandescent bulbs that require 7,435 watts. The 1,120 watts is equivalent to 11 incandescent bulbs. The chandelier emits the same amount of light as 750 100-watt bulbs. The life expectancy of the LED is 50 years under Stanley’s average reported usage. Expected life expectancy under normal household usage of LEDs is usually 15-20 years. LEDs require less power and is environmentally safer when disposed of since there are no mercury, a poison that is common in fluorescent lights.

Other interesting tidbits about the Stanley Chandelier is that it weighs 6,500 pounds, took 8 years from conception to completion, and cost US$130,000. It took one week for workers to install the chandelier that is composed of 50 parts.

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