Quake 3 Ported to iPod Touch

There was an evolution in portable gaming when Sony developed a smaller, portable PS2 in the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Nintendo struck out in a different direction with its DS using a dual display and touch via stylus. Now we are about to experience not an evolution, but a revolution in portable gameplay: the iPod Touch and iPhone. With a 3D accelerometer and since there is only a single button, you move forward, backward, left and right by tilting the device. You shoot by touching the screen. And now you can see how good you are in this new revolutionary way of portable gaming with Quake 3! Quake 3 has been ported to the iPod Touch. HermitWorks is reporting that Scott modified Quake 3 source code and made it run on two iPod Touches linked via WiFi in a multiplayer game. Wow.

Source: HermitWorks, YouTube

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