Crystalline Solar Cell Market Revenues: $4.8 Billion in 2007

Sharp, PVTech: Gartner just published its findings on the crystalline solar cell market. In 2007, revenues for the market increased 39% in 2007 to just under US$4.8 billion. Q-Cells overtook Sharp for the top spot with US$1.1 billion in revenues, representing a Y/Y growth of 70%. Q-Cell captured a revenue market share of 17.2%. Last year’s leader Sharp was #2 and experienced a 0.3% Y/Y decline in revenues to US$1 billion in 2007. Sharp’s revenue market was 15.3%. Up next was Suntech Power that saw revenues increase 98.3% Y/Y to US$938 million and capturing a 14.1% market share. Gartner noted that Sharp and other Japanese solar cell manufacturers were not able to secure enough polysilicon supplies.

  1. Q-Cells: US$1.144 billion, up 70% Y/Y, 17.2% share
  2. Sharp: US$1,020 billion, down 0.3% Y/Y, 15.3% share
  3. Suntech Power: US$938 million, up 98.3% Y/Y, 14.1% share
  4. Kyocera: US$487 million, up 31.3% Y/Y, 7.3% share
  5. Deutsche Cell: US$398 million, up 78.5% Y/Y, 6.0% share

Other crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturers totaled US$2.665 billion, up 31.1% Y/Y and captured a significant 40.1% share of revenues in 2007. Sharp is moving decisively toward manufacturing solar cells via thin film. The company is spending JPY72 billion to setup a thin-film solar plant in Sakai, Japan with start of operations slated by March, 2010. This might be one reason why we see such a strong solar player experience a Y/Y decline in revenues for crystalline-based solar cell shipments.

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