LG Display Orders Photon Dynamics ArrayChecker Equipment

On April 9, 2009, Photon Dynamics announced that LG Display has placed a multiple-system order for its ArrayChecker product and will use them as the sole array test solution for its eighth generation TFT LCD P8 fabrication facility located in Paju, South Korea.

The ArrayChecker is an equipment that checks for defects on the panel. As we have all seen all over the Internet, LCD quality tends to be hit or miss. My hope is for advanced equipment such as Photon Dynamics’ ArrayChecker to further reduce the defects on LCDs. The ArrayChecker incorporates the Paragon AVIOS Sensor Technology that improves system throughput and defect detection capabilities.

This is a positive development for Photon Dynamics since equipment sales for LCD manufacturing facilities tend to face a very cyclical purchasing cycle. With LCD production capacity to increase substantially in 2009, the equipment required to run those facilities will need to be purchased, tested, fine-tuned starting in 2008.

Photon Dynamics currently has three ArrayChecker systems and three ArraySaver (repair) systems.

ArrayChecker LCD Array TFT LCD Test Equipment

  • ArrayChecker 4700: Generation 7 and 8
  • ArrayChecker 3600: Generation 6
  • ArrayChecker 3500: Generation 5

ArraySaver LCD Array Repair Equipment

  • ArraySaver 700: Generation 7 and 8
  • ArraySaver 600: Generation 6
  • ArraySaver 500: Generation 5

Source: The Earth Times, Photon Dynamics

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