LG Display Ultra-Slim 42″ LCD TV Panel Available April 2008

According to Byung-Chul Ahn, head of advanced technology development at LG Display, the company will begin volume production of its ultra-slim 42′ LCD TV panel that is just 19.8 mm thick this month. DigiTimes reported Ahn saying, “Getting slimmer and faster, and offering added value are some of the major product development focuses for LG Display.”

It’ll take a few months for these ultra-slim 42″ LCD TV panel-based sets to appear on store shelves, so you might want to wait before getting that 42″ LCD TV. But wait, there’s more. Ahn also said that LG Displays will be moving toward a 4ms Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT) LCD TV panel in 2009. So you might want to wait some more.

Ahn talks about a variety of other topics. So hop on over to DigiTimes if you’re interested in wide and narrow angle switchable notebook PC panels, the TV era, widescreen popularity on monitors, and others.

Source: DigiTimes

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