Brionvega Alpha LCD

Brionvega: The Alpha LCD by Brionvega is laser focused on design. Just have a look and you’ll see that it is different from virtually all other LCD TVs. The color is orange (there’s a silver one too). As far as I know there are no other LCD TVs with that color. The shape is an ‘L’ shaped design from the side. Again, that’s unique in the world of me-too LCD TV designs. The ‘L’ shaped tube rails are chromed. The unit itself? Die-cast aluminum. Try finding that in your typically plastic TVs. In addition to all of this, the base has an integrated DVD drive. There is a version with an integrated DVB-T tuner for an extra E200.

This type of design won’t fit any decor, but if you’re the modern type and echews carbon copy LCD TVs made out of plastic, Brionvega’s Alpha LCD TV might just be the ticket. I think this looks even more bold than even the B&O’s reversed-‘L’ shaped BeoVision 8.

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