Sharp Profit to Rise 3% in FY2008

Sharp is forecasting that its profits will increase 3% Y/Y to JPY100 billion to JPY101.9 billion in FY2008 that just ended on March 31, 2008. The company stated that increased sales of cheaper LCD TVs were part of the reason for the increase. In a previous blog post, I referred to a report by Pacific Media Associates that showed a trend toward smaller and more affordable LCD TVs, namely 32″. This trend will most likely continue as folks in the US are cash-strapped and it seems a recession is in full swing.

According to DisplaySearch’s latest Pricewise information, 32″ LCD TV panel prices declined $1. Meeting demand for 32″ LCD TV panels does not seem to be a concern. However, there is concern that loading 32″ LCD TV panel production on G8 fabs might lead to an oversupply. 720p 42″ LCD TV panel prices were down $2 in the second half of April while 1080p 46″ LCD TV panels were down $5 in the same time frame.

Source: Bloomberg

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