LG Display to Produce 16:9 LCDs for Notebook PCs

Size: 8.9″
Pixel Format: 1024 x 600
Availability: August 2008

Size: 9.4″
Availability: April 2009

Size: 10.1″
Pixel Format: 1024 x 576
Availability: October 2008

These LCD panels are rumored to be integrated into ultra-portable low-cost notebook PC units by Acer, Asus and HP. I’m glad the width of these LCDs are at least 1024. Browsing the Internet and anything less than 1024 pixels is not very pleasant. Other sources point to the possibility that these LCDs will sport LED backlights. This makes and doesn’t make sense.

It makes sense because these ultra-portables need to be light leading to smaller batteries. Smaller batteries mean that it won’t last very long if the unit is power hungry. LED backlights can help in that situation by consuming less power than CCFL backlights. On the other hand, LED backlights are more expensive than those made with a CCFL. With low-cost one of the major concerns, it would be difficult to maintain sub-$500 prices sporting a LED backlight.

And why 16:9? Does LG Display (and Samsung too) think that all we do on our notebook PCs is watch HDTV? As far as I am aware, I don’t know of many ultra-portable notebook PCs with ATSC tuners built-in. Or maybe they think we’ll be watching DVDs? Well, it’s unfortunate because most ultra-portable notebooks don’t have DVD optical drives and even if they did you’d be lucky to watch a 2-hour long movie. Oh, one more thing: most DVDs are not 16:9 unfortunately. So, why are you guys wanting to push customers to purchase 16:9 ultra-portable notebook PCs? It’s simple: they can make more 16:9 LCDs compared to 16:10 LCDs and make more money.

Source: Smarthouse, Engadget, Electronista

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