The Eee Brand

DigiTimes is reporting that Asustek Computer might be making Eee an independent brand. The Eee brand would include the Eee notebook PC and others such as Eee branded TVs (E-TV), desktop PCs (E-DT) and monitors. With or without independence these products are slated for release in Q3’08.

Image courtesy: Asus

Easy to pay.

Any and all brands want to shift from low-end to high-end, but if you’ve got the know-how of making money at the low-end, there is no shame in focusing on that market segment. The Eee PC is known for cool low-cost products. I like that and I hope Asustek continue in that tradition. There are two Eee PC notebooks in the pipeline: Eee PC 900 and Eee PC 1001.

Source: DigiTimes

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