LG Electronics: Top Plasma Manufacturer

Reuters: According to DisplaySearch, a display market research firm, LG Electronics (LGE) took the top spot in Q1’08 as the largest plasma display panel (PDP) manufacturer. The main reason for LGE’s ascension is the explosive growth of 32″ PDPs. 32″ PDP shipment share rose from 11% in Q4’07 to 15% in Q1’08. LGE’s 32″ PDP shipments grew 97% Y/Y in Q1’08.


LGE’s share of overall PDP shipments was 34.8% in Q1’08 followed by Samsung SDI with 30.5% and Matsushita with 27%. DisplaySearch notes that Q1’08 was the first quarter that Matsushita was not the top supplier since Q3’06. Samsung SDI saw strong shipments of 42″ PDPs. Overall PDP shipments in Q1’08 decreased 19% Q/Q and increased 53% Y/Y to 3.5 million units.

Keep in mind that 32″ PDPs are of the ED category; they are not HD. ED can be defined as panels that have a pixel format of 854 x 480. This pixel format is great for viewing DVDs but not much else. That’s not a big problem for some. In our family, most of the video that is being viewed is actually DVD!

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