Samsung 2243NWX: 22″ LCD Monitor

Samsung 2243NWX Specifications

Size: 22″
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Pixel Format: 1680×1050
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 and 8000:1 (dynamic)
Response Time: 5ms
Viewing Angle: 170/160
Input: VGA

Sumaria: Samsung’s 2243NWX is a 22″ LCD monitor without many bells and whistles. The very high 8000:1 dynamic contrast ratio is the lone special feature. As in most 22″ LCD monitors, the 2243NWX uses a TN+Film LCD panel that limits the viewing angle to just 170/160. If color purity is an important criterion, opt for viewing angles of 178/178, which likely means that the LCD panel is of the MVA, PVA or IPS variety. If color purity isn’t something that’s very important to you and you tend to look at the monitor from just dead on, then the limited viewing angle shouldn’t be a concern as 170/160 is certainly good enough for those type of users. One glaring omission is the lack of any digital input ports. There is no DVI port or a HDMI port. The 2243NWX has a swivel and tilt capability. As in all LCD monitors, proper re-calibration of image settings for your work (or play) requirements are necessary to bring out the best possible display. I have seen on the web where customers were dealing with a 2243NWX that was slightly bluish.

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