Vizio VX32L: 32″ LCD TV

Vizio VX32L

Display Size: 32″
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Pixel Format: 1366 x 768
Response Time: 8ms
Input: S-Video, Component, Composite, HDMI with HDCP, VGA
Tuner: ATSC and NTSC
Price: $449.99 (refurbished at TigerDirect)

There isn’t anything ground-breaking about Vizio’s VX32L in terms of technical specifications. The box doesn’t even look that great; it doesn’t look that bad either. But this morning, I received an email from TigerDirect stating that a refurbished VX32L can be had for just $449.99. That’s a pretty darn good price. TigerDirect also noted that supplies were limited. Well, I just checked (2008.05.01 4:03PM PST) and the item is no longer available.

I looked through some other Vizio offerings and the VX37L for $599.99 isn’t such a bad deal either. If you’re interested in something bigger, say a 42″ LCD TV, you can get the VS42LF for just $799.99.

LCD TV prices are getting to a point where people can actually afford them, if they had the money. Hopefully by Black Friday, we can expect to see major brands such as Samsung, Sony and Sharp offering 32″ LCD TVs for $499 and 42″ LCD TVs for $799. That would be nice. I’d better start saving up.

Source: TigerDirect

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