9X Media X-Top Scalable Multi-Screen Display System

9x Media: The X-Top Scalable Multi-Screen Display System made its debut in 2001 at the Siggraph conference in Los Angeles, California. The X-Top system easily accommodates 19-inch to 32-inch LCDs in landscape, portrait or mixed.

X-Top 30-screen triple row scalable ergonomic Multi-Monitor display solution. This is available with customized Multi-screen servers. If this multi-monitor system can integrate thirty 30-inch LCD monitors with a pixel format of 2560×1600, that would mean a total pixel format of 25600×4800 leading to the number of pixels at 122,880,000 or 122.88MP!!! You’d have absolutely zero problems putting up any digital picture taken by any digital camera.

This is probably more realistic for someone like me: three 24-inch LCD monitors. That’s 1920×1200 times three with a grand total of 5760 x 1200. How much damage? $7570.50 before shipping and handling! I’d rather get five 30-inch Apple Cinema HD displays for slightly less and a whole lot more pixels: 12800×1600.

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