BlackBerry Kickstart

BlackBerry Kickstart Specifications

Main LCD: 320 x 240
External LCD: 160 x 128
Color: 16-bit

Update 2008.06.13 5:21PM PST
Picture update from CrackBerry (via Engadget). Engadget doesn’t seem to like it all that much: “bulky, ugly, and arguably ill-conceived…” I don’t know why RIM is moving from the tried-and-true design to a clamshell design. It would have been better if RIM went to a slider instead.

BlackBerry Kickstart

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BlackBerry’s Kickstart is Research In Motion’s (RIM) first clamshell smartphone. All of its solid smartphones such as its Curve, Pearl, and its latest 8800 Series are of the candybar variety where the LCD is at the top and a QWERTY keyboard is on the bottom.

Kickstart must have been something of a revolutionary product within RIM when it was first suggested by someone. On Wednesday, April 30, the Boy Genius Report (BGR) showed pictures of the up-coming BlackBerry Kickstart. According to BGR the Kickstart is expected to launch within the year.

Blackberry Kickstart
Image courtesy: The Boy Genius Report

According to pictures by BGR the Kickstart looks like it will be available on T-Mobile’s GSM network. Unfortunately, the data speeds will be limited to EDGE. You might remember that one of the most limiting feature of the iconic iPhone is the data speed: EDGE. Other features of the Kickstart include a 2MP camera, WiFi (802.11b/g), and the company’s SureType keyboard. The keyboard is looks to be the same as the one that’s incorporated in the Pearl with two letters per button.

BlackBerry Kickstart
Image courtesy: The Boy Genius Report

The main display looks extremely sharp, even in the fuzzy picture, with its 320 x 240 pixel format. It looks like the text showing the time (11:05) has enough pixels used to offer a very smooth render. The blog post suggests that the LCDs have 16-bit color. That would mean that a total of 65,536 colors are available according to Wikipedia.

Source: The Boy Genius Report (1,2)

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