Toshiba Taps Compal for LCD TV Manufacture

According to DigiTimes, Toshiba is contracting Compal Electronics to manufacture 30″- and 40″-class LCD TVs. Compal started its roots in manufacturing notebook PCs but now it is actively moving into building LCD TVs. In addition to Toshiba, Syntax-Brillian is working with Compal to manufacture more than 300,000 Olevia LCD TVs.

Compal Electronics

According to Wikipedia, Compal is the world’s second largest notebook PC manufacturer. Compal is headquartered in Taiwan with offices in China, South Korea, the UK and the US.

The 30″- and 40″-class LCD TVs manufactured by Compal will likely be shipped to other parts of Asia and Europe as most of the LCD TVs destined for the US are integrated in Mexico since through NAFTA the taxes levied on TVs are lifted. This is just a guess on my part.

Source: DigiTimes

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